Lower Your Monthly Bill

With FPC programs you are guaranteed to lower your cost of power from the very moment it is activated. Our customers are not saddled with the high cost of power and the ever increasing costs. No worrying about maintenance or repairs FPC takes care of everything all you need to do is enjoy being green by doing the responsible thing and generate clean power.

No Capital Investment Required

Free Power Company’s programs enables you to go green with a turn key solar power generations system with no outlay of capital. Better yet FPC goes beyond offering you all the benefits of having the sun power your facility. You can go solar and save from day one. Allowing you to cut or eliminate demand charges brown outs and power disruptions. There is nothing better than looking at an electric meter and it is turning backwards. Customers find themselves looking at the meter just to get the feeling again and again. It is truly something that must be experienced producing your own clean environmental friendly power.

Decade of Rising Energy Prices

A decade of increasing utility rates equates to a 38% increase in your commercial rates. Protect your business by producing power onsite without the need for purchasing fossil fuels. No coal, gas or other fossil fuels. All that is needed is the sun, a commodity that foreign governments do not control.
Cutting utility cost and adding to your bottom line is just one aspect of these programs. You are also protecting your business from the volatile energy markets.
FPC is committed to not mandating automatic annual increases in your cost of solar power.