Budget cutbacks are a reality. Cut operating cost and save taxpayer resources, while opening up funds to be invested in other areas.

Local, State and Federal governments face the same if not a greater uphill struggle with budges and operating costs. FPC had programs that address the needs of all government entities that will allow for an immediate savings as well as a long term solution to a permanent need for energy.

FPC offers government entities of all sizes an easy solution that will not require an outlay of capital and result in an immediate savings. In addition we deliver on the commitment to demonstrate the ability of meeting the goal of a healthy environmental stewardship.

  • Uncertain energy costs
  • Budget cuts
  • Peak demand users
  • Energy dependants
  • Need to increase bottom line
  • LEED Certification
  • Go green mandates and initiatives

For government owned and controlled utilities FPC had planes that will supplement or replace your peak demand and load shaving systems. All at a savings over current and future operational costs.

Other providers claim to offer a long term solution but lock you into a contract with an escalating price increase. This is a financing strategy that allows them to make excessive profits on locked in escalations. FPC is not like any other, our programs even allow for energy cost to drop. FPC is the only truly viable alternative energy source.

If you think you can benefit from working with FPC