Assured performance and reliability with FPC Monitoring.

Any power production method requires expert monitoring in order to insure reliability and to optimize production.

Unlike convention power plants solar panels do not emit steam or particulate matter. They do not throttle up and throttle down, alarms do not sound. Just as importantly to the rail cars do not bang and thump into each other. If nothing ells monitoring lets you know the system is operating. Silence is the rule of thumb and monitoring lets you and the neighbors know it is producing, without it you wouldn’t know.


  • System Performance – FPC monitors and tracks the system
  • Data Feed –Customers are provided with a system data feed
  • Predictive Maintenance – Our system monitors for anomalies so we can address them before they result in a drop in output.
  • Dispatch – We are able to dispatch service personnel as soon as a problem is identified.
  • Track savings as the energy is produced
  • Monitor the environmental impact of your system
  • Monitor and track Load Shedding

Monitoring allows for the verification, tracking and promotion of the electricity produced using solar energy.

If you think you can benefit from working with FPC