Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPC) and climate change legislation make FPC programs an even greater value to utilities.

RPS requirements produce a number of benefits and costs. Generally to meet the RPS requirements would require additional cost, time and risk. FPC is able to deliver the benefits of reduced emissions, air pollutants and greenhouse gases and at the same time increasing diversity and security of the energy supply. All while reducing the price of energy. FPC programs also promote economic development and save current jobs and create new jobs. Employers are directly affected by energy costs. Low cost and reliable energy translate into a welcoming economic environment.

As the sun rises and falls throughout the day so do your energy demands. This curve mimics the production of our solar power production. Solar is the perfect fit to address a utilities power demand needs.

FPC systems are state of the art and monitored for operation and performance.

Substantial finical outlays and complex system design and integration are no longer of any concern. FPC handles all aspects of the project including all capital costs. Simply enjoy a clean reliable supply of solar generated electricity. Again at a cost per Megawatt lower than what you spend now.

  • Uncertain fuel costs
  • Budget cuts
  • Peak demand generation
  • Energy dependants
  • Need to increase bottom line
  • Reliable stable power generation
  • All maintenance and repair cost are covered
  • Educational opportunities

Other providers claim to offer a long term solution but lock you into a contract with an escalating price increase. This is a financing strategy that allows them to make excessive profits on locked in escalations. FPC is not like any other, our programs even allow for energy cost to drop. FPC is the only truly viable alternative energy source.

If you think you can benefit from working with FPC